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Symposium — is the place where the live dialog of professionals is possible, where you could meet not competitors, but confederates, who love his business, are interested in its development and implication of the most up-to-date technological ideas into the reality of jewelry production!

The idea of the annual international technological jewelry forum in Russia appeared in autumn 2001. It originated as the response to the demands of jewelers from Europe and CIS countries to have place and time to meet regularly, to discuss questions of jewelry industry development, new technologies, materials, to make more close connections with other manufacturers of jewelry equipment and developers of new methods and technologies.

The main criteria: high level of organizing and holding, catering for the world-class professionals, prohibition of direct and non-direct advertising.

Our partners: Santa Fe Symposium (USA), Technological Forum in Vichenza (Italy), World Gold Council (UK).

Our speakers: specialists of the leading manufacturing companies of jewelry items, equipment and research institutes of Russia, Ukraine, USA, Italy, Germany, France, Great Britain, China, Thailand and others.

Our participants: managers, technologists, and designers of jewelry companies, specialists and managers of jewelry equipment and materials manufacturing companies, specialists of research institutes, representatives of mass media. Different forms of participation are possible: speakers, participants, equipment exhibition exponents, sponsors.

We would like to invite for cooperation research institutes, banks, informational periodic, insurance and investment companies, and manufacturers of jewelry equipment and jewelry companies.


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